• Subset with Bounding Boxes (600 classes), Object Segmentations, Visual Relationships, and Localized Narratives These annotation files cover the 600 boxable object classes, and span the 1,743,042 training images where we annotated bounding boxes, object segmentations, visual relationships, and localized narratives; as well as the full validation (41,620 images) and test (125,436 images) sets.

    Thus, entire experiment-level data objects can be subset according to conditional expressions regarding the auxiliary data. For example, the following code will first assign to GP.chl the subset of the GlobalPatterns dataset that are part of the Chlamydiae phylum, and then remove samples with less than 20 total reads. Seurat is an R package designed for QC, analysis, and exploration of single-cell RNA-seq data. Seurat aims to enable users to identify and interpret sources of heterogeneity from single-cell transcriptomic measurements, and to integrate diverse types of single-cell data. Mar 31, 2015 · Example: sys.objects is base view that contains 12 superset columns while sys.tables is derived view that contains 12 same superset columns of base view with 16 subset columns specific to tables. Select * from sys.objects. Select * from sys.tables. Display Metadata using Dynamic Management Objects. DMO starts with name sys.dm_ It contains ...

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  • Each of those tags can be accessed with the [] operator on the metadata, much like a python dictionary: >>> tag = metadata [ 'Exif.Image.DateTime' ] The value of an ExifTag object can be accessed in two different ways: with the raw_value and with the value attributes:

    A dplyr-like interface for interacting with the common Bioconductor classes Ranges and GenomicRanges. By providing a grammatical and consistent way of manipulating these classes their accessiblity for new Bioconductor users is hopefully increased. The object I am trying to subset is a Cell Data Set (CDS) created from a Seurat object by the importCDS function. I have also assigned a Cell Type to every sample that is called "CellType" which is part of the meta.data of the Seurat object and is listed under the varLabels slot of the phenoData after it is converted to a CDS. Defining image metadata helps OpenShift better consume your Docker images, allowing OpenShift to create a better experience for developers using your image. This topic only defines the metadata needed by the current set of use cases. Additional metadata or use cases may be added in the future.

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  • Refresh the page to reset the system: When searching or browsing metadata, creating tables and regression analyses, or subsetting variables and cases for download, keep in mind that refresh = reset. If you're not getting the results you expected, hit the refresh button to reset the system and try again.

    DataFrame objects Description. The DataFrame class extends the DataTable virtual class and supports the storage of any type of object (with length and [methods) as columns. Details. On the whole, the DataFrame behaves very similarly to data.frame, in terms of construction, subsetting, splitting, combining, etc. The most notable exception is ... Note that AACR is being replaced by Resource Description and Access(RDA) the new, unified cataloging standard designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users. MODS: The Metadata Object Description Schema is a schema for a bibliographic element set that may be used to carry selected data from a subset of the MARC 21 ...

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  • Hi, I want to subset a Seurat object to contain only the cells which carry more than 1500 genes. I run tissue_358hi<- SubsetData(tissue_358, cells = as.character(row.names([email protected][[email protected]$nFeature_RNA > 1500

    Seurat:::subset.Seurat(pbmc_small,idents="BC0") An object of class Seurat 230 features across 36 samples within 1 assay Active assay: RNA (230 features, 20 variable features) 2 dimensional reductions calculated: pca, tsne

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  • By and large, most things that implement runtime.Object also implement Object -- it's very rare to have *just* a runtime.Object implementation (the cases tend to be funky built-in types like Webhook payloads that don't have a `metadata` field). Notice that XYZList types are distinct: they implement ObjectList instead. type ObjectKey ¶ Uses

    through 19 in this schema are for descriptive metadata, based on CDWA and CCO. Elements 20 through 22 deal with administrative metadata. All attributes are optional unless otherwise noted. The CDWA Lite elements are designed to be a subset of the full CDWA set of elements. ## An object of class Seurat ## 31460 features across 3728 samples within 1 assay ## Active assay: Spatial (31460 features, 0 variable features) We load the spatial image data to extract the spatial 2D coordinates of each cellular barcodes and add the metadata to the Seurat object.

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Subset seurat object by metadata

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MOCA Reference (Metadata Object Content Architecture Reference) APFC-0013-01. ... Presentation Object Subsets for AFP. AFPC-0002-03. Other AFP Standards ...

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Other common uses for lazy read is reporting and for retrieving objects as the results of searches where you only need a small subset of the data of an object. 6. Implementation Impact On Your Objects The O/R impedance mismatch. forces you to map your object schema to your data schema. To implement these mappings you will need to add code to ... The Hawaii Gap Project conducted supervised classification of the Landsat data and object based classification of high resolution imagery and for some classes (Gon et al. 2006). The Puerto Rico GAP used unsupervised classification to identify major spectral classes and ancillary data (e.g. climate, substrate, and topography) to stratify the ...

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SAS Server metadata Points to the host running the database server SAS Connection metadata Points to the server metadata. Indicates the ODBC DSN or connection string, and authentication method SAS Library metadata Points to the SAS Server which will execute the libname statement Points to the server and connection metadata objects

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The entity tag is a hash of the object. The ETag reflects changes only to the contents of an object, not its metadata. The ETag may or may not be an MD5 digest of the object data. Whether or not it is depends on how the object was created and how it is encrypted as described below: The server may return the entire metadata for the object (as in the HEAD command), or a subset of it. The object body shall not be returned, so the transaction shall end with the blank line terminating the headers. Link type The link type may be specified by explicitly giving a (reverse) link in the object header of the linked object.

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Jun 12, 2017 · The Repository Translation Wizard is a utility that allows users to import metadata object translations from a translation repository into the MicroStrategy metadata. Sometimes, it might be necessary to only import a subset of the objects found in the translations table. Neo’s data objects build on the quantities package, which in turn builds on NumPy by adding support for physical dimensions. Thus Neo objects behave just like normal NumPy arrays, but with additional metadata, checks for dimensional consistency and automatic unit conversion. A project with similar aims but for neuroimaging file formats is ...

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MOCA Reference (Metadata Object Content Architecture Reference) APFC-0013-01. ... Presentation Object Subsets for AFP. AFPC-0002-03. Other AFP Standards ... Dec 16, 2019 · Hello, I have single cell data from 12 animals (3 treatment). I’ve used Seurat for QC and preprocessing, as well as for data integration. Then, I converted the file to loom and read into Scanpy. I’ve been creating diffusion maps for clusters of interest to observe branching among clusters without a problem. However, I also would like do a diffusion map for one specific cluster to observe ... Aug 21, 2018 · The Developer Metadata feature lets you associate metadata with various entities and locations in a spreadsheet. You can then query this metadata and use it to look up the objects with which it is associated. Developer metadata lets you perform operations such as: Associate arbitrary data with various entities and locations in a spreadsheet.

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as(object, "SingleCellExperiment") coercion now slots stashed metadata into SingleCellExperiment, if defined. Simplified the internal code for sampleData. seurat objects now share the same code as SingleCellExperiment, and return NULL if the sample data is not defined.